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Isn't nature amazing!

This summer had a great start for us with a lovely 10 days in Cala D'or Majorca, a beautiful area of the island, we picked the right week and avoided the bad flooding at home, smugly watching the facebook posts of the massive puddles in 'sunny Macclesfield' whilst sipping the odd cocktail by the pool (a rare sight for a tea total Ranger Dan) and then brought the sunshine back home with us. The weekend after coming home we went for a walk along the canal to enjoy the sunshine and have a chat about our up coming big decision, a big purchase, to go for it or not, We talked pros and cons, future plans and risks, feeling the associated anxieties and uncertainties, plus a little adrenalin fuelled excitement, the dichotomy of emotions that often accompanies decision making around big changes. We walked and talked, procrastinated and then turned back along the canal to walk back towards home. Then this happened! Make of it what you will but in some way I believe nature was giving us a big thumbs up that everything will be ok, isn't nature amazing!

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